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Duzen Laboratories Group, a reference diagnostics laboratory, established in 1976, currently services to 1 million patients/year for over 5 million tests/year with a test menu of 1,100 parameters. Of the 400 personnel employed 40 are MD’s or PhD’s and 100 are chemists or biologists. High quality testing being the main goal of this institution, Duzen Laboratories has always participated in external PT programs, like CAP (since 1989). The central laboratory is situated in Ankara. There are four branches Istanbul, Adana, Mersin and Bursa. In addition we provide reference laboratory services to over 800 institutions, hospitals, hospital laboratories or free standing laboratories. Duzen Laboratories has an active ISO 15189 accreditation since 2004.

Duzen Laboratories reference services cover but are not limited to the following divisions: Protein Chemistry division; tests for approximately 50 parameters in body fluids, the specialty of this division is electrophoresis yet also utilizes nephelometers, HPLC and radial immunodiffusion. Specialized Chemistry division: utilizes sophisticated techniques that require high level of expertise and specialized instrumentation like LC MS/MS. Drug and metal analysis are within the test parameters of this division that allow our institution to provide services for work place screenings. Our cytogenetics department is capable of processing up to 100 pre or post natal samples per day. Molecular Genetics Division; is capable of performing a wide range of analysis including FISH real-time PCR, sequencing and microarray analysis. This department offers over 150 test parameters spread in neurogenetics, cancer genetics, pharmacogenetics, biochemical genetics, immunogenetics and reproductive genetics.

In addition to providing services directly to patients, Duzen Laboratories also provide testing for clinical research. Our institution has a well established network of specimen collection, analysis and reporting services at international standards. We provide services to over 20 cities all around Turkey, and neighboring countries including Iraq and Azerbaijan. Thus our laboratory has been a preferred service provider of “Covance Virtual Central Laboratories”. The Clinical research division that provides and follows these services have successfully completed over 130 national and international clinical research servicing to institutions like Pfizer, Schering Plough, Sanofi-Aventis, Roche, Covance Virtual Central Laboratory, and Quintiles Laboratory.

There is also a Research and Development Division within our group that works for different approaches. We have worked with different manufacturers for the validation, verification, premarketing and CE marking studies of their reagents.


Our analytical divisions consist of:

·        Core Laboratory (routine biochemistry, hematology and coagulation testing)

·        Microbiology (classical and molecular)

·        Immunology

·        Toxicology

·        Hormonal Analysis

·        Specialized Chemistry

·        Genetics (cytogenetics and molecular genetics)

·        Clinical Research

·        Research and Development

Our in vivo divisions consist of:

·        EKG

·        EKO

·        US

·        BMD

·        Radiology

·        Sintigraphy

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